GOES Introduction

Guangdong Overseas Education Services (GOES), established by Overseas Chinese Office of Guangdong Provincial Government in 1993, was among the first group of agencies in the country fully authorized as legal organizations to offer overseas education services by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security (License No.:[2000] 220). GOES was also selected in 2004, as the first group of agencies in China to provide the Australia Student E-visa system by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

To enable the company to further develop and equipped with a stronger profile, in 2009, GOES joined forces with Hong Kong Student Travel (HKST) Group, and subsequently become HKST Group's China Head Office, better known as "GOES Education". This means, GOES will now have access to HKST Group's vast experience of international service standards, management concepts, as well as a complete range of global brands of educational and youth travel programs and products, to successfully market and promote to the educational establishments, to enable students and young people in China to participate in together with students from Hong Kong and Macau. With GOES business and services previously restricted to only overseas studies and student visa application, this expansion allows the company to an extended range of overseas institutions as well as international programs covering study tours, educational and cultural exchange, Conservation Volunteers Australia and New Zealand, Internships, sightseeing and study visits, adding to a truly "one stop shop" service provider.

To celebrate the new GOES Education, a public Open Day event to mark this special occasion was held on the 1st November 2009 at the Guangdong International Building (formerly the GITIC Hotel), Main Tower, 13th Floor. The event was supported by in attendance the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR (LOCPG), Travel Industry Council of HK, Consulate Generals in Guangzhou, Industry Leaders from Guangdong Education Organizations and overseas institution representatives as well as major media organizations and fellow industry partners. The honorable guests included Deputy Director General of Youth Department of the LOCPG, Chairman of the Travel Industry Council (TIC) HK and Executive Director of the TIC HK etc.

As part of the celebrations, GOES Education took the opportunity to promote some of HKST Groups' unique and exclusive programs including Australia and New Zealand Conservation Volunteers programs (CVA), international educational and cultural exchange programs and internships etc., In addition, unique programs targeting groups from primary and secondary students such as NASA Kennedy Space Centre, Manchester United Soccer School (MUSS), as well as winter and summer study tours to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore were also very popular, we received many enquiries from students and their families who supported the event.

GOES is about quality, professional and reliable service provider and since its establishment, it has developed further, shown by the success and endorsement by various communities in Guangdong as well as the general public. Now that GOES is part of HKST Group, it has an even stronger profile and recognition, a number of world renowned institutions and educational organizations have appointed GOES Education with exclusivity as China representative such as Monash University, the Australian Examinations and Assessment Services and Singapore Raffles Music College.

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